Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sobering day

Things are changing and sometimes it is hard to absorb where this is all going. Day to day the changes are different and today the pain level was discussed and she is not handling it well.

Mom will have to go on some harder drugs here soon and her ability to be cognitive will be hampered. She is dealing most days, but others her patience is gone.

No stitching. Trying to brain storm on some kind of sleeve to help with the swelling in her arm. It is from the cancer and yet anything restrictive is more painful. No win situation.

Going to take her supper. Meatloaf and baked potato and some corn. Should taste good to her. Trying to make some of her more favorite meals to encourage her to eat.

The two little ones will be here over the weekend. Mom and Dad are helping with a wedding. The couple that are getting married helped them with their wedding last weekend. They are using my son's property to have an outside wedding, but they are having and inside reception in another town. Suppose to be really hot this weekend.

I need a Calgon take me away day. Don't think I will get one for awhile. Chris


sewyouquilt2 said...

so sorry you have to go through this. we took care of my mom when she had cancer. it had spread and she wanted to die at home. not an easy thing to watch a loved one in pain and struggling with life day to day.
hugs and prayers for the Lord to help you through this tough time.

Katie M. said...

I am sorry to read all that your mom (and you) are having to endure. Having lost both my parents to the dreaded cancer, I know this is a day to day struggle. Sending you hugs and prayers.