Sunday, August 9, 2015

Long wedding post

Here are some of the pictures of the wedding venue. It was a Cowboy/Fireman themed wedding. They worked on the decorations themselves along with the kids. The cards were left in a chicken crate. 

 They found old wooden spools and used them for the tables for the cake and registry book.
They used straw bales for the seating for the wedding ceremony. They then collected together all the quilts in the house and a few I had and placed them on the bales to be less scratchy. 

 Here you can see a few more. The Firetruck belongs to their business and after the wedding they all piled in and went for a ride through town. Siren on and lights flashing.
 My son built a pergola and decorated it with hoses and fire equipment. They were married under this.
They had a tent for the guests to be seated under for the food and also for the band that played afterwards.  
As you can see it is in the middle of God's country. Fields and rolling hills and so quiet. It was an overcast sky and a breeze during the wedding. Then the sun came out and it was really nice out. 

They found old rusty milk cans and decorated them up. Mind you this was all on a budget. And they did it themselves.

 Burlap and mason jars with babies breath were the flowers they used.
Picnic tables were set around and people used them to visit and eat at. 

 That is my son walking towards the training center. He teaches fire training for firefighters to maintain their certification. They have to train each year as a Doctor does to keep current.
He and friends built this center and he has classes at different times of the year. He has instructors come and train their different techniques to firefighters. He has traveled over the years to different areas and decided when this land became available he would open his own center.

Here is Autumn an her cousin Zoey. Of course had to find the tractor. What little girl all dressed up in a party dress shouldn't get up on the tractor.

Here is little Katie in her dress. She was a busy body all day. She had a good time.

This is the fire truck he has acquired from a local fire station. It is a 1971 truck and was retired. So he got it at a good deal. He can use the ladder to train on the third floor of the training center. What grown man has a real live firetruck? Well my son does. 

Everybody was eating and visiting. They were waiting for the band to set up in the distance on the flat bed trailer. 

As you can see everyone was having a good time.

This little one fought sleep all day. Finally Grandpa got her to sleep and we put her in the back seat of our car so she could rest. She slept over an hour and a half. 

The Made of Honor was giving the toast to her sister and my son. 

Actual wedding pictures I didn't get because I was sitting up front. I will be getting copies of the wedding party and the bride and groom at a later date. It was a long day and it was uniquely theirs. Chris


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

the little girls are cute in the dresses you made.

sewyouquilt2 said...

very nice to be able to have them do it their way. love the cowboy boots