Saturday, August 29, 2015

Got to sleep in my own bed

I slept pretty good only got up once before I stayed up. So it felt good to get some rest.

My body is dragging today though. I did get a lot of stuff done in 48 hours. I still have plenty more to do, but the things she needs are here.

My step-son is here now. He was upset when he found out how bad things were. She has been a Step Grandma to him for almost 28 years. He is spending sometime with his Dad to while he is here. We haven't sen him  much this Summer.

I need to get out dinner ready to go in the oven in a couple hours. Pot Roast and carrots and roasted potatoes. I thought that might taste good. It is cooler today so it will not overheat the house.

Just checking in. Chris

I do have Hospice and they are a blessing for sure. They all agreed she was better off here.
Thank you all for your concern and kind words I do appreciate you all very much. Thanks Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

glad you have some help rest up when you can