Friday, August 7, 2015

The little ones

Big brother got the cart and bike out last night. 
Autumn has been doing this riding thing for a couple summers now. This was Kate's first experience with it. She was having so much fun doing it. 

10 months old yesterday and she was bouncing up and down she wanted to get going. They had to put air in the tires and she wasn't wanting to sit still that long. They had fun. I try and have different things for them to do at Grandma's house than what they do at home.

Last night she took off walking on her own and she knew she was on a mission. She walked about 10 feet before she gave up and sat down. She wants to keep up with the older kids so badly.

Today is cooking time. My son came and helped me cut up veggies for the vegetable trays. Also diced onions for the potato salad and coleslaw I need to make. I have 35 lbs. of potatoes to handle today .

It is getting closer to getting done. I will be cooking today. Chris

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