Monday, August 3, 2015

Working towards a finish

Ok here is the deal. It was cut out on Saturday. Then things got in the way and I had to let it lay until I could get back to it. 

The light is different but this is the same pieces just at a different time of the day. The color is the upper picture. 

The bloomers and the lining are done. I had trouble with the spool of thread I had. I would start winding a bobbin and the thread was cut. It was a new spool. I have to use the thread and wind more bobbin. When you are stitching gathering threads you need one line of stitching without breaks.
The thread didn't break it was like cut on the spool. No frayed ends. I struggled through it and got the bulk of the sewing done. 

Today the sewing has to be done. I have a busy week ahead and can't be stressing over this any longer. 

The cooking starts on Thursday. Potato salad, Coleslaw and Raw vegetables and dip. I have reserved my neighbors extra fridge in her garage and coolers to transport everything the day of the wedding. I have 50 lbs. of potatoes coming so I will be peeling like crazy. The two older kids will be coming to help get things ready. Fun times! Chris  

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