Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What is up today

Same old same old stuff I guess. Cleaning, running errands and cooking. Just another day in my life. I think I am finally recovering from having the girls for two days and nights. Amazing how two little ones can wear you out in such a short period of time.

My second cup of coffee is brewing and I really need to get it drank and make this day start. My Mother hasn't for sure heard anything more from my sister. So not really sure if she is coming or not. It would help me if she did, but I really don't count on anything from others anymore.

My coffee is done going to go get it, be right back. Got it.

Today is suppose to be cooler and yet we are to get more rain. We need it badly. The yards are burning up, I think yesterday we got about 7/10 of an inch. More to come today.

School has started and yet where did our Summer go. Seems like yesterday we got rid of the snow. I noticed a Birch tree yesterday that the leaves on the top of it were turning yellow. Is this a sign of Fall I think so.

My flowers are blooming and look so good, but they will turn soon. Hopefully I can get into a routine before Fall comes and try and get some house chores I want to do done. I need to paint the inside of my house badly. Three bedrooms and the living room for sure. I hate to paint ceilings and I have one for sure that needs doing. I am tired just thinking about it. all the furniture moving and also the trimming and stuff that needs doing. Oh My that sounds like a lot of work.

One room at a time nd then I can say it is Fall housecleaned and painted in one process. Would like to change flooring also when I do it. I hate the carpet  have in the bedrooms and the sewing room. It all costs money to make changes so we will have to work it into the budget.

Well I have rambled enough. Hope you have a good day. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

take one thing at a time. like they say the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.
take care of yourself.