Friday, August 28, 2015

I am wore out

Not been a fun time and has been fast and furious. We have moved my Mother into our house and we have listed her house for sale.

We have sorted through a lot of clothing and it was donated to charity. We have moved the things she needs and have to go back and get about 5 carloads of odds and ends picked up. Most of the furniture will stay while they show the house and then we will sell it on private sales.

She seems ok with being here and my siblings so far are ok with it. Time will tell if they agree with everything.

I was afraid of getting called out in the middle of the night this Winter, but I don't think she will last that long. She has failed rapidly since Tuesday morning.

It is a safety issue and she needs the care.

The other side of all this is I will be home to start sorting and getting the sewing room in order. I am bring all the sewing and quilting things out here. I have two 25 gallon totes with fabric and that much more to bring yet. A sewing table and a banquet table and a sewing machine. Not sure where all of it is going to go. We are getting rid of some of the big pieces of furniture we have.

The couch we have is 14 years old and it is going and a couple TV stands. Get rid of the old. I also had a huge trunk coffee table that is going also. I have bruised many toes and knees on it and it is going also.

Today is a life changing time for her and for me. She took care of me for years and I have my turn of taking care of her. Chris  


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That is a big commitment and I wish you well with all aspects of it. I agree getting called in the middle of the night in the winter would have been a nightmare. It is bad enough to travel in the daytime on slippery roads.

sewyouquilt2 said...

so sorry for all you are going through my friend. you are a great daughter to take your Mom in and help her. hope things go well for you and that all falls in place soon.

Jean said...

My prayers are with you and your family as you go through all this. It is not easy. I was the caregiver for my husband who had Alzheimers and you never knew if you were going to get a good nights sleep. Do you have Hospice? If so take advantage of their services. Blessings.

Katie M. said...

You will have peace of mind knowing your mom is right there if she needs help. I know you will be going through a lot of ups and downs emotionally and I hope (as Jean says) you will get Hospice involved. Hospice is not only for the patient but for the caregivers as well.
I will have you all in my prayers. God Bless you, Chris.