Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beautiful weather

This looks fuzzy, but that is the way I feel. I went out this morning to pull the rest of the water grass around the bean plants. That is the center section of the garden. I then was putting the grass in a 5 gal bucket and sitting on the bottom of another 5 gal bucket to get closer so I could see the grass from the beans. I had done 1/2 of it and needed to get the rest done. I then placed newspaper down on the aisles and then straw over the top. Well before I got the second half done I got up to empty my bucket into a taller trash can. I replaced the empty bucket and moved the one I was sitting on. I backed up to the seat and the bucket wasn't sitting level I backed up to it and my caboose hit the ground. I laid there and thought I wonder if anyone saw me fall. Then I thought I ruined the plants and how was I going to explain that. I finally got my feet under me and got up, but I am aching to say the least. I came in and my son called and he wanted me to do something for him today and I said no I just fell. He giggled. He did call back later and asked if I was alright. Well I was back out in the garden placing the straw around by that point. I am ready for bed. I got my nightgown on and trying to relax the hip I fell on. Of course it is the one that hurts all the time. The grass is pulled the the straw is down. Hopefully other than picking the beans I don't have to pull anymore grass for a few days. I know you are giggling. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

all I can say is OUCH! After having a sore hip for 12 weeks this spring, I can sympathize with you.