Saturday, June 5, 2010

OMGosh I ate to much

I know I am nuts. 89*F and I had the oven on today. This is homemade red sauce. I raised the tomatoes and the peppers that were in the sauce. Also the flat leaf parsley. I cooked this for several hours to get the right thickness. Smelled so good while cooking.
I cheated and got the oven ready noodles for lasagna.

Got it all assembled and ready for the oven.
Decided on homemade Italian bread also. I worked at a hospital and we compiled a cookbook and in it a fella's mom worked at a pizza and spaghetti place in town that made wonderful Italian bread. So now I have the recipe and make my own.

It makes two fair sized loaves or three smaller ones. Great for the marinara sauce or just butter and eat it.

Here is the recipe. It is the top one Matt's Italian Bread. The other ones on the page are good too. Save it to your documents and it will be readable.

As you can see I had plenty. It is a nice texture bread. I made it with my dough hooks on my mixer.

Here is the dinner complete. It was delicious if I do say so myself. Comfort food. I have been eating a lot of greens and cutting back and I couldn't take it anymore. The house is finally cooling off. The oven was on for over an hour.
My husband even ate some of it. He can't swallow and has a feeding tube so I was lucky he got some of it down ok. He misses not having the taste of certain foods. Hope you had a good supper tonight. Chris

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