Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Got it started

Famous last words. Wish it were done is the other set of words. Because the seams are so wonky I had trouble deciding how to quilt this. I think it will lay fairly flat by the time I get done with it. Now I see why a professional quilter gets frustrated with customers quilts.
The quilting is going slow. To many stops and starts. I got two blocks and most of the stabilizing done last night. Then I had to frog stitch. You know "rippit". I had not gotten the pin basting real taut in the outer border and it was bunching. But I stopped and got that done last night.
I had to just use my dictionary. I am getting to be such a bad speller. Well back to the quilt. If I can do a couple blocks each day maybe in a couple weeks I will have it done. Wishful thinking. My days never go that smoothly. Something always comes up. Yesterday I started to clean my machine before I started and got interrupted by my neighbor needing a ride. Today I need to change the needle. It started to ping by the time I was stopping for the day. The fabric in the quilt hasn't been washed and the white is a form of sheeting and that fabric is always hard on needles. It is densely woven. Off to the work area and get started. Chris

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