Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where is the sun??

Got up and it is dark out for this time of day. We were to have bad weather last night and it never happened. Must have been around us. Well that means I need to water the garden today then. The heat yesterday was bad along with the humidity. So today I will turn on the lights and finally get to the sewing room to get the stabilizing of the quilt started. When the sun is out I find I can't go in that room. Not that it is a boring room or it is dark in there, but I have this thing about sunlight. I want to be out in the free air. I have had this reoccurring thought. When am I going to get everything done I want to as far as sewing goes?? My list gets longer and my ability to get it done is falling so far behind. When I was younger I would sew about 3-6 hours a day. Imagine the quilts you can get done doing that much sewing. I am floored at the amount of sewing others are getting done and posting on the blogs. Maybe it is my life style. I wake up early and have to go to bed early. Never have been a night person. My husband always says if you don't have it done by noon you are never finishing it. I use to work three jobs and sleep odd times and I got more done then. Maybe my age. I don't move as fast. Maybe my attitude. Maybe I realize there are other things in life that need attending. Who knows I sure don't . No priorities today, but get something started whether I finish it or not. Maybe some comfort food. I have been eating lighter and I am in a food mode. Well should be an interesting day I have no idea what I am going to do. Ever have one of those days? Chris

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