Friday, June 4, 2010

No yard work today RAIN!

Garden is up and the weeds are everywhere. I spent all day yesterday pulling and killing weeds. Then I placed mulch down over the areas I had cleaned. It is raining and the sky is dark enough the street lights are still on. I have to pay attention to some house work today. We have tracked in enough stuff that it is not looking to good. I have the quilt top pin basted and after getting some straightening up done plan to stabilize the quilt. Lots of stitching in the ditch on this one.
My husband is rebuilding a wooden wagon we had in the garden. It was a rotted mess when we moved it. So new wood and a coat of paint will follow. He is up and out working on it now. Will get some pictures of it. I plan on getting some pots of colorful flowers for the back end of the wagon. It will go out in the flower bed behind the veggie garden. Well need to start the cleaning stuff now. Oh yes I do need to clean and oil my machine before I start on the quilting also. Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Your yard is beautiful!!

I have a ton of work to get done around here, too. I wonder if I will ever get to sew again. *sigh* No more pity party for me, time to get busy! Have a super blessed day!!