Saturday, November 6, 2010

Goal Day

I have to get some sewing done. The day is running away from me and the time is getting closer to Christmas. The couch throw has to get the final quilting on it today. Also the borders on it. I have to stay busy I am so upset. My sons' house was broken into the the kids Wii console and all the games were taken. He sees his kids every other weekend and from the time they last came until last night it is gone. I guess there has a been a lot of breakins in their county. So I am sure it will never be recovered. This was a Christmas gift last year and their Birthday money was used for more games. The kids seem to be handling it ok so I feel so bad for them. They have been through so much in the last three years and now their toys are stolen. Sometime things aren't fair. Chris

1 comment:

Exuberant Color said...

Can they claim it on their homeowners' insurance? What kind of creep takes things away from kids?

I hope you get some quality quilting time today.