Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving

To all my Followers and Visitors I hope all of you have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. Reflections of Thanksgiving pasts and the hope for the future are all present on our minds. Have a Blessed fellowship with family and friends. This is a section of a quilt I need to get finished by Christmas. I heard this morning it is 31 days away. Well I need this on Christmas Eve. Today I will pin the second section together. Tomorrow is the busiest for me this week. Shopping for last minute things and grandkids and making pies and salads. Then we are taking Taylor the 11 year old to look for some clothes. She has nothing that fits her all of a sudden.
This is the detail of the blocks that I have stitched. The stopping and starting is what takes so much time.

This is the extra bedroom. Behind is the junk closet. I went to open it the other day to get the Christmas stuff out and the door opens into the closet. Well something had fallen over and was up against the door. Needless to say a lot of foul words were said and threats about it was all going to the dumpster. We got it open and I got the stuff out for the house. Now I have to put it all back today. Then in a month the rest has to be put away. It won't open again until next year at this time. I cut down on the Christmas stuff I put out this year. It collects dust and we never turn on the lights so why spend all the time on putting it up and taking it down. Grandkids are older and not as interested in all the lights. Hope everyone has a Great Holiday and I hope all your meals are calorie free. LOL Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

I'm sure this isn't the time that you wanted to organize that closet. I hope you have a peaceful Thanksgiving day.