Friday, November 12, 2010

I am so busy and nothing done.

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you are constantly busy, but nothing is getting done. Well that is my week. The phone rings off the wall and no more than place it down and it rings again. My son calls with a drama and then my Mom is on the phone I don't know what to do with myself. Last night I went to the refrigerator and found I had placed a hamburger pattie in the fridge to thaw two days ago and forgot I placed it there. Not sure what I ate in the mean time, but this is the way it goes around here. I had an appointment for Jeff to remove stitches from the procedure he had done two weeks ago for skin cancer. We got done with that and got home only to have to go out and do some more yard work. The nice days are leaving us and it all needs to get done. Stupid me I forgot gloves while doing it and I have small cuts all over my hands. They feel like a papercut does and not fun to place your hands in cleaning water. I have got a quilting project in the process. I stopped and cleaned my machine and oiled it. Boy it was overdue. I then got a bobbin wound and the machine threaded and the first seam I stitched I got a pucker in. I haven't done that in a long time so had to rip it out and get it resewn. Today isn't my day either. I have to go to an appointment with my son at 10 am. I think I am going to sew until about 8 am and get into the shower and be ready when he gets here. Earlier in the week we went to Rockford to see Jeff's Mom. She is 95 and recently moved to and assisted living faucility. She was glad to see us. That took a big chunk out of my day. I have been having so much hip pain lately and I think I finally figured it out. Besides getting old and not at an ideal weight I have been sitting wrong at the sewing machine. I have my left foot flat on the floor and my right foot on the machine foot controller. I find it slides and I strain to keep it under control. I noticed when I drove the van the other day I was uncomfortable too. I read in a magazine to place a book or a platform of some kind under the left foot while using the foot controller. It balances your hips with the weight and pressure you place on your feet which all reflects in the hip position. Today I have a large telephone book that I think I am going to place on the floor and adjust it to the position I need and see if it helps. As a kid I would always sit on one leg. Well I did it as an adult until recently and then wondered why my granmother would yell at me. I think I found out why she thought I shouldn't do it. The leg I sat on was my left leg and my right hip the one that is bothering me was off balance. Right now I am sitting with both feet flat on the floor to type. It feels funny because I am placing pressure more evenly on my hips. What do they call that "ergonomics"?? Big word this early in the morning. If you are in pain stop and think about what you have or haven't done and try and retrace your steps and correct the things you are doing wrong. I plan on trying to get more quilting done today between appointments and doing everyday things. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

I alternate feet on the foot pedal for the machine, sew awhile with the left foot then change to the right foot. I found that works as good as just raising the left foot.

I hope you get some stuff done today. It might be our last nice day in this area.