Friday, November 19, 2010

Next Quilt waiting in the wings

The stars are still out and the air is cold. I think the cold is here to stay for awhile. We are to get to 52*F today, but over Thanksgiving the temps are to drop drastically. Today I am going out to mulch up the last of the leaves that have fallen off the trees or blown in from the neighbors because they don't do them. The piles in the sewing room to get done before Christmas are unbelievably high and the time is running out. Maybe after the last run through the yard today I can stay in and get something done. I do need to get out and start walking some. I love walking when it is cool and crisp outside. As you can see these blocks were given to me and they need to be made into a quilt top before Christmas. I plan on going to get fabric this next week to make it all come together. My Mother started a Broken Dish quilt blocks and she lost interest. Lots of green and aqua in the blocks I might find a brown to sash them with and make a couch quilt for my stepson's family. The element being not sure of time. I have stayed away from th sewing room the last few days and wasted my time so have to make up for the lost time now if you ever can. Chris Well Blogger wouldn't let me upload the picture. Will try later. CRW

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