Friday, November 5, 2010

Proof of my efforts

I have been moving furniture in the last couple days. This is the extra bedroom. It is small, but at least a queen sized bed fits in it. This is my sewing and quilting books and magazine shelf. It has another shelf behind the bed you can't see. It is pretty much full. The bottom shelf was sagging and we had to brace it up. LOL
This is an old Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt I made almost 20 years ago. It is hand quilted and one of the first full sized quilts I made. I have another quilt in the works to get finished for this bed. This bed was in the room where my husband sleeps. He is a real restless sleeper and since his surgery last Winter hasn't been able to sleep in the bed. So my couch is his bed and it irritates me. My stepson has purchase an adjustable bed for him and it is being delivered either today or tomorrow. So major moves and cleaning has been going on. Still haven't quilted the last border on the couch quilt for my son. Hopefully after some general cleaning this morning I can get that done today. Grandkids are coming to visit tonight and will be glad to see them. I have bought some new pants for granddaughter and hope they fit. Off to do some picking up, Never ends does it. Chris


Exuberant Color said...

Moving rooms around is one way to know what you own. I have moved my studio stuff out twice, once to have the hardwood put in 1995 and once for refinishing 2006.
I hope the new bed helps your husband. My dad can't sleep laying down so he sleeps in his recliner that has the motorized lift.

Shelly said...

Very lovely quilt and pillow cases.