Monday, November 8, 2010

Off to my Son's for the day

My son is divorced and he has to have somethings done to his house. So Mom gets to go. I have my dishes done and the garbage cleaned up and all ready to be on the road. It is about 32 miles away. Jeff will be here by himself for a while, but I think he will be ok today. Our neighbors are home during the day so I will feel ok with going. This is an oil painting my MIL sent for us. They were bought in Mexico about 40 years ago. They had a condo in California at the time and they had to be shipped back to Illinois which was exspensive. She has gone to a assisted living place and can't have them there.
Not really my style, but it is a nice painting. So it is up on the living room. It is about 30X32inches. Have more quilts to get done before Christmas. So I am off to get the rest of my stuff together to get some windshield time. Chris

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