Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time change

I just heard on the news in the USA we have a Daylight Savings Time change coming on Sunday the 7th of Nov. Funny I was just thinking I didn't have enough hours in the day as it was and now they are changing the time to screw with my sleeping and waking hours. My goals weren't met yesterday. We got a phone call and my whole day was spent cleaning and changing furniture from one room to another. My step-son is purchasing an adjustable bed for his Father and it is to be delivered on Friday. I had the antique hospital bed in the extra bedroom and had to store it and take the four poster bed and place it in that room. Now today I need to shampoo carpet in the master bath and bedroom since the big bed is out of there. Plus I mowed two yards picked up the rest of the things that needed storing in the shed and moved the snow plow into the garage. Boy if I didn't have an old refrigerator cart I would never have made it. I hit the bed last night and thought I would die. Carpet shouldn't take to long, but in moving the bed I am washing all the bedding so it is clean. So a lot of dust was gotten rid of yesterday. I am sure if I look hard enough I will find plenty more. Chris

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Nancy said...

And that extra hour should give you tons of time to do more. Oh, wait, it just doesn't work that way. Darn!