Sunday, November 14, 2010

Got sidetracked

Today was a sidetrack day. It rained and we were bored with what we both were doing. Jeff started these Squirrel feeders. He has a friend that feeds the squirrels all winter.
This is a closer view. The little chair is where they sit and the screw is where the ear of field corn screws on. They are then attached to a tree or a pole. He made two of them.
I am having Thanksgiving and I needed to make some place mats for my table. I cut out 12 of them to match between the two tables.

They are reversible. Print on one side and homespun on the other.
No fancy stitching or anything unusual about them. I used flannel on the inside for a little stability and also if the plate is warm it won't harm the table top.

I made 12 napkins to match the print side. I have enough to make 12 of the homespun, but not sure I want to turn more 1/4 inch seams with the homespun. I am sure I will before I am done.
This next week my sister is coming to visit. She hasn't been here for a couple years. Her husband was sick and she couldn't get away. He passed away two weeks ago so she feels she needs to come visit her Mother. Also me. Hope to enjoy the visit. Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You got a lot done today. The napkins are adorable. =)

I put a binding on a baby quilt, but decided I didn't like it, so it's coming back off. I hope to get it done this week!