Sunday, November 21, 2010

One job done I hate to do

I hate cleaning the glass on the fireplace doors. We have a fireplace insert and they recommend the doors being closed when you use it. They become black with smoke and soot. I hate cleaning them. Leaves grim everywhere. I have learned to cover the hearth and spray them with Windex. I add ammonia to my Windex
or your favorite window cleaner. I thought this time I am going to try something. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser was laying there and I thought oh well I can throw it out if it doesn't work. Well guess what no scrubbing and no real effort. I sprayed the glass and rubbed with the eraser and it was Magic. It worked with no effort. I then wiped clean with a paper towel and resprayed to make sure all the residue was off. Clean in no time. But look at my arm where I got the soot on it. I had to scrub it off. I guess I should have used the Magic Eraser. All clean for the upcoming holiday.

Amazing what a piece of sponge can do for you. Chris

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