Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No pictures nothing going on

Sorry to say nothing to report other than with all the furniture moving I have done in the last couple weeks some things are not in great places. I have a wooden crate shipping box that is old. I have used it for several things over the years. Well It is in a bad spot in my bedroom and in the night the other day I got up to go the the facilities and walked right into the end of it in a have dazed state and I broke a toe. I tried to put a shoe on yesterday and with the seam in the sock I had on it was quite painful. It is all black and blue and swollen. I do have to go do some errands today and I think it is to cold out to go barefoot. So I will have to endure the pressure on the toe. I did find a better seamed pair of socks to wear. Such a little part of the body and it hurts so bad. I did some sewing but I lost interest after a little while. It is gloomy today and a lot cooler than earlier this week. They talked about snow flurries with rain mix, but last night said it would be south of us for this round. Stay safe and watch were you are walking. Advise said way to late for me. LOL Chris

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