Saturday, November 13, 2010

I started quilting

I have a START. Only a start. this is going to take awhile. I see I have a thread that needs cutting. Lots of starting and stopping with this quilt. It is about 101X120 inches. I am quilting in sections then sewing the sections together. I am not that good at wrestling that big of a quilt through the hole in the sewing machine.
I think it looks masculine. They are scraps that are not the most pleasing to me that I would use them in another quilt where they would be more visible. One of these days I am going to run out of scraps.
This needs to be done for Christmas so I need to get going on it. I need to piece and quilt another one also for a couch. My stepson and his wife like the quilts I make and I haven't done anything for them. Their kids have quilts, but they don't. I have parts and pieces done for their quilt so need to spend a lot of quality time with the sewing machine. Today it is raining. I got all the outside work done yesterday so I am in for the Winter. I hopefully can get several hours a day at the machine. It is 5:13am here so I am off to the sewing room with the lights on and see if I can get several hours in today. Happy Sewing. Chris

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Suzanne Thomsen Newsome said...

Hi Chris - I found your blog by way of Aart's which I love to look at, but wish I could read the Dutch. Your scrap quilts (my favorite) are so pretty. You sound like a very hard-working, dedicated wife, mother and grandmother. I'm impressed that you can get up and sew in the very early hours. Blessings to you, Suzanne