Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alive and Got a ton of work done outside today

The flowers are blooming and the weeds are growing. I sprayed three yards for weeds today. I needed to for along time, but you need a three day window for the chemicals to work right. Today was the day. I cut back peonies and iris beds. They have long since gone to a dead look. The creeping Charlie is everywhere.

For two years I haven't taken care of these two extra yards and the mowers came with all these weeds on their equipment and I was the one to keep the yards sprayed for all the weeds so I had catch up work to do. My house is still a mess and maybe tomorrow I will tackle the kitchen. It needs the ceiling fan cleaned and the walls dusted down and the cabinets need scrubbing. Plus I want to move a shelf and rearrange the eating area.

The one good thing to report is my husband after his procedure has improved. He hasn't been able to swallow food for almost 2 1/2 years. He is now eating. He ate a hamburger today and did fine with it. Hopefully in the next few months I can start cooking for him again and be able to go places and not be tied to a pump for him to eat.
He had dropped to almost 106lbs a year and a half ago and he was near deaths door. With the GI tube and a lot of care he has improved and can eat and swallow again. More has to take place but we are so relieved to think he can swallow food again.

Modern medicine and a lot of care and prayers are working for us. I haven't sewn a stitch in about a week or more. I have a few things I need to get done for someone else and I am embarrassed to say it sits there on the ironing board. My down time from the blog has made me think of priorities and what direction I need to go in.

You know I had a pity party for a couple days and then I said enough is enough get over yourself and face the facts you are who you are and you will only change if you are ready. Well today was the day to see the light. I was outside and working hard for 6 1/2 hours. Felt good and I am ready for bed right now, but I will try and stay up for a while longer. Take Care Chris


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Chris! Such great news concerning your husband! =D

Exuberant Color said...

You are right about the weed spray. It doesn't do any good if you don't catch the right weather window.

I'm glad your husband is improving. Cooking for one isn't a lot of fun so now you might have fun in the kitchen again. I hope he continues to improve with time.