Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spent most of the day outside Mowing

Three and half hours out in the heat and then it took the rest of the day to recover. It got to 97*F yesterday and the heat index was 104*F. Today is suppose to be worse. The temp right now is 75*F and the dew point is 70*F. The air is full of water already and it is only 6:58am in the morning. HOT HOT HOT!!! This is the Maiden Hair Iris I have planted in a couple flower beds. Today is the day to clean and try new things. I guess I have been sitting on the sidelines long enough. I am going to teach this old Dog new tricks today. LOL! I have a lot of wants in my life and I can only hope I can fulfill the smallest amount of them by trying new techniques. I have stuff here, need to get going. My goal is to experience something new each week to see if I can broaden my mind and reach to the stars. Remember Dreams don't expire. Chris

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