Saturday, June 11, 2011

Made a mistake

Well kinda made a mistake. I didn't make enough. This is going to be a pillow with a shirred gusset. I made all the gathers placed the lining behind it to stabilize the shirring and then I thought which is where I went wrong I thought. I didn't have enough made to go around the corners and all the sides. I have to go back and make more and add a piece to the shirring and lining section to go around the whole pillow top.

Here is a picture of the shirred gusset pinned to the top. It will make a different looking pillow, but something pleasing to the eye when finished. I had to walk away because I am frustrated with it. I will go back to it yet today. Need to pay attention to laundry and household chores for a few minutes. Will post more later. Chris

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