Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well the dust was rolling

Yesterday I made up my mind since it was so hot to get the dust rag out. OMGosh......... I have neglected to do things around here. When you can write your name in the dust on the TV screen it is bad. But I can wash it daily TV's attract dust. I went to the furnace and cleaned it all up and placed new filters in it so maybe that will help also. We live between two corn fields and the river on the other side so it is dirt city around here. Today I need to get into the sewing room and get another pile of UFO'S either put away or finished. I have a pillow ready for the back and then stuffed. Need to get the iron filled with water and get it pressed then on to the finishing. I think I am going to make this one with a gusset. Haven't made one like that for awhile. something different. I was cruzing online yesterday and found some ideas for different items that I would like to decorate with. My bedrooms all need painting and I need to get new curtains made for the windows. Winter will be here before you know it and have to shelter the cold from coming in. I like the layered look at the windows and yet I like the sheers that are so popular. But I need insulated drapes for the winter. My goal is to have Summer curtains and Winter Drapes. My grandmother had that for her house. She always changed with the season. We plan on in the next couple months of replacing the front window in our living room. It is a picture window with side slides and we hate it. I want two windows with the mullion between. I can then open the windows and have more breeze going through. I am going to the lumber yard next week to take measurements of what is available and how we will have to make it happen. Have to stay within a budget and yet hopefully it will cut down on the cost of heating and A/C cost down the road. Of course we will have to have help. I can't do all the lifting. Jeff isn't well enough to do that and yet he has the brain to make it work. If we get it mounted in the wall and the old one out he can finish it. The new drapes will have to work over both windows so maybe keep my eyes open for fabric or ready mades in the colors I want to use. Plans in the works. Chris

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