Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not on Top of the World

The area I live in has had a lot of rain and also the trees and the grasses are in pollen right now. Boy can I tell it. Felt lousy. The mold in the air from all the rain hasn't helped either. Of course I have been outside and had an open window overnight to sleep. Which is a no-no for allergy sufferers. Last night I closed up the house and turned on the A/C and then this morning it is so cool and damp had to have the heat. What is going on???? We had a weather report locally that said we would have below normal temps for about 90 days. Which is good for the A/C bills, but not good for the corn growth and we live in the corn belt. Jeff has a Dr.'s appointment today and probably a procedure in the close future to go through. Will have to get some hand work to take and get it done while waiting. Not a lot to report on been busy but nothing to write home about. Chris

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