Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hot out and Rain off and on

It is to hot to go out and the gray of rain so I made my own sunshine. I got out the fusible web and decided I would use bright colors and make a small floral piece to make a pillow out of. I did it all by machine. blind hem stitch and then the straight stretch stitch as accent. The only thing I did by hand was the heads on the Ladybugs.

I think my shelf life on my fusible is a little beyond the peak. I know they do loose some of their stickum power with humidity. I tried making sure the edges were secure, but it didn't work everywhere.

I use threads close to the colors and trying to stay close to the edge when I was blind hemming. Well that wasn't as good as I had hoped. Maybe it looks like lace around the pieces. LOL
Hopefully the sun comes out tomorrow and I can get back out and get some more work done. Will take pics of the finished pillow in the next couple days. Chris

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