Monday, June 6, 2011

I think I am an Antique

This Pfaff machine was made in 1964. My granddaughter says it is an antique. Well I am 12 years older than this machine. It is in a cabinet with a knee control. I am thinking about taking it out of the cabinet and just sitting it on the counter to sew with. The cabinet sets it back so far and if you sit with your legs under the cabinet the machine is off to the left and not centered to watch your sewing.

It is so old it has cams. The stitching from the cams is so so compared to what is available today in a machine.
The sewing machine weighs a ton and could be used for a boat anchor. It does sew a perfect stitch when straight stitching. I think I will use it to piece when I get back to it. The applique seems to be keeping me busy most of the time now. So I will say so long from this Antique. Chris

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