Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Still Suffering but good news

My husband Jeff had a procedure yesterday at the hospital and believe it or not he has really improved and doing a lot better. We have to go back and have more done in a couple weeks, but the Doctor was so excited when he came to talk to me.
The suffering part is my allergies. I am still not hearing well. My head is all stuffed up and I need to get some good sleep.
We have had the grandkids this last few days and they have been full of it. They helped me mow yesterday and it helped a lot the get the work done. Today we go shopping and look for some new video games for them. The deserve it. I have not done any sewing. I haven't even walked into the sewing room for days. Need to get some more mulch bought to redo another flower bed. Hopefully next week I will get back in the swing of things. Take Care Chris

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