Friday, June 17, 2011

Not been sewing at all

I have felt so bad and yet it is allergies. I feel a little better this morning. Yesterday couldn't hear out of the right ear at all. Fine today. No temp just a small cough and plugged up. I have dropped 4 lbs not feeling well. Not a good feeling to loose weight that way, but at least I lost it. My grandkids are coming this weekend so I need to feel better. We see them so seldom anymore with my son being divorced and she lives out of town.
The yards need mowing again and I am not sure I will hold up, but have to get it done, Jeff does do some, but he wears out fast.
We have to have a day at the hospital next Tuesday. He has to have a procedure done and it will be 5-6 hours there. I am going to take some hand sewing to keep me busy.
The weather is suppose to show its ugly head again tonight. We get less than 48 hours between rains and yet we have to do our lawns and gardening in between the rains.
Last week I had to get some new glasses and still trying to adjust to the change. The vision part is fine, but I have trifocals. You see I am old and need to be able to see what I am doing. They sit on my face, they are a difference strength and the width of the actual bifocal and trifocal grindings are not as wide as my old glasses. Constant adjusting is going on. I think this is why I haven't sewn anything for a few days. I can see to thread the needles better though. Well going for the second cup of coffee and maybe wander into the sewing room for a bit. Have a nice day and a wonderful weekend. Chris

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