Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Finish with blood

No I didn't show the blood. I clipped my skin at the base of my finger with brand new scissors. It has a band-aid on it now. I will survive. I just got it all fixed stuffed and hand stitched. The shirring on the gusset makes a interesting finish to the pillow. I stitched pipping to the top and the back first and then added the faced shirring. I learned a better way and will do that the next time. Stitch the pipping to the shirred piece and then your stitching will be covered better. Glad I learn something new every time I try something new. This will be on my bed and no one will know the difference

I like the over all look and this was a trial project. I did machine raw edge applique and also the different finish with the shirred gusset.

I think it is light and Springy looking. Also lessons learned while doing it. Chris

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