Sunday, June 12, 2011

A little time and planning

Doesn't this look good. Well these are all the things I shouldn't be looking at. My neighbor brought this book over to show me. We have been talking about the cost of food in the grocery stores. I think she is in the back of her mind suggesting I start making bread and selling some for extra money. I know a few would pay for a fresh loaf of bread. But if the health department found out I would be in deep do-do. I am going to buy some whole wheat flour. This book does have a recipe that doesn't include processed and bleached flour. Which if you want a good healthy bread that is the correct way to go.

I worked as a baker in a bakery chain 33 years ago. Everything was from scratch. Then later in a grocery store with prepared frozen products. Not the same. I have so much trouble with food allergies I have to be careful with ingredients. The bread I can eat and don't mind is so expensive. There is a bread outlet store that carries it day old and it is going out of sight even day old. Which today is weeks old because of the preservatives. I do not own a bread machine or I would weigh 500 pounds. These are one loaf recipes so that is a plus also.

I know from the market reports that the grains are more expensive this year because of the fuel cost and poor wheat crops last year. So anything you buy with wheat or flour in it is going to be higher in price. What happened to 5 loaves of bread for $1. It was simpler time and the food was fresher and easier to find a quality food product on the market. Less food additives. Color, preservatives, added ingredients like vitamins and calcium. We got all that from the food we eat instead of adding to the cost of the food product. I have gone back to basics on several things over the last 23 years and I guess I will try and do the right thing for my family by making some bread from scratch.

Have you looked in your cupboard to see what you can make from scratch? Chris

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