Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finally some rain

We finally got 3/10 of an inch. More than we have had in over three weeks. The grass is burning up. Lately up before daybreak and yet I still not getting a lot done. I sat and read a quilting book this morning and the time slipped away real fast. I envy those that have all the resources and the time to create. I am the chief cook and bottle washer, taxi driver and grandma to everyone. No ME days are available.
I caught myself starring out the window this evening while it rained and thought oh great more work. The rain brings the grass. The grass needs to be mowed and the way I use to do it was easy, but I have a second opinion being my husband and it doesn't go as well.
Patience isn't as much of a virtue as a learned reflex to being older.
I said to my husband the other day that we make better grandparents than we did parents. We have more insight as to what is important and more time to deal with the little things in life.
We were to busy trying to keep it all together and we forgot the fun in life. We were watching my grandson and his actions are so much like my sons' were at the same age.
Grandchildren are a gift we receive for being there for all the scraped knees and the runny noses. If you are a grandparent savor every moment. They grow up so fast and you will miss something if you blink to long.
I wonder why I didn't take that picture when she was three and doing the dishes from a chair. Also why I didn't have the right nails for him to build his fort in the backyard. Find time to tell stories and let them know where they came from. Family history is important. These younguns will be part of the backbone of our Country some day and they need to know we are a proud family and we stand our ground in a pinch.
The value of the rain to nurture the ground and the crops are as important as we are with our children and grandchildren. Keep them fed and happy and they will produce a nice family themselves. Chris

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