Saturday, July 30, 2011

HST Mania

In the new Fall quilting magazines they all are using HST. It is either part or all of the quilt design. I got a bag of HST from my Mom and I guess I will add to them and see how I make out. I was cutting up scraps for other quilts and decided some were larger so I started cutting 3 7/8 inch squares. When stitched with another square they make two 3 1/2 inch HST square. Which is larger than the patterns in the magazines, but will get the size of the quilt done quicker than the smaller 2 1/2 inch HST squares.

They have a light and dark side to the squares and the possibilities are endless what you can do with them.

As you can see the slicing and dicing is still going on. I am now cutting pieces for about 5 quilts at once to get rid of some of the scraps that are taking up space. I will have to add to the mix at some point, but the bulk of it is working to get more mileage out of the scraps.

Here is some of the scraps cut into 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 inch strips that can be sliced into squares when ready.

This is a challenge I am making out of all this mess we cleaned up. To get things in a manageable state so it can become a quilt or quilts as it may end up being. Scrap quilts for kids are always a necessary thing and when the grandkids come they all have to have quilts no blankets. I guess they are spoiled.

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Katie M. said...

You can never go wrong with HST - they seem to appear frequently in many block patterns. I wish I could get myself into an organized state - I might actually get something accomplished!