Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things are going to change

My granddaughter is here for a couple days and threatening me that everything is going into garbage bags and to the dumpster. Well her Great Grandma told her to get hands off. I made her a deal. We would go tot the hardware store and buy some shelves and brackets today and bring it home for her brother and grandpa to put them up on the wall.

She thought that would be a great idea. Now to the other part of the story. When she was at her dad's she found a couple of her dolls she wanted new clothes for so that means I need to get some doll clothes made for her. She doesn't really play with them anymore but she wants them to look nice on display. So as soon as I can gt out the door we are on the run today to get this done. Chris

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Catskill Quilter said...

What a great afternoon you have planned! We bought tall, inexpensive particleboard shelves from that giant retailer, for $29 each -- look like wood, are sturdy, and do not look half bad when they are filled with workroom treasures. I would be LOST without them, and I find that if it will not fit on the shelves (and I have 7 of them) then something has to be given away, thrown out or finished so that everything continues to fit and look neat. So happy that you are going to have shelves! Will stop back and see what you found and how you like them!