Saturday, July 2, 2011


Ever feel like things never get done. The last few weeks have been kinda tough on me. My goals were derailed and I determined I need to get back on the saddle and get as much accomplished as I can and not get derailed anymore. Focus on the pile of scraps had been daunting. I have more scraps then yardage anymore. The colors and prints are fun to look at and see how many times you have used them in other quilts.

Trying to make something come together with all the scraps has been a challenge to me. I plan on a couch quilt out of this pile of scrappy blocks.

The colors in this make me want to smile and feel like my time has been worth while on my efforts to use up scraps. Still have more to get done and today is so humid out and I plan on turning up the music and rocking to the sounds of the machine and the stereo. Have fun today and look at the things as a stage of your vision for peace and happiness.



Katie M. said...

I, too, have been working on using up some scraps. I've declared Saturday as "Scrappy Saturday" on my blog. I found that 'makes' me want to pull out the scraps and do something with them - even if it's a small project. I love your quilt and all the colors in is!

Exuberant Color said...

This is turning out very pretty. I love scrap quilts. You can enjoy the variety again when you quilt and again when you pull it over you on the couch. Memories in fabric.