Saturday, July 9, 2011

Visitor coming just my Sister

My sister is coming to visit for a couple days from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It is about a 4 hour trip. She will stay either at my house or my Mother's. Due to circumstances beyond her and my control she wasn't available to visit us all for several years and now is enjoying some family time which we all missed.
This picture is of the eating area in my kitchen. We had this farm table cut down about a year ago to fit this kitchen nook better. We refinished the top and made it a more sturdy finish than what was originally on it. I have decided to make a table cloth to use to keep it from getting scratched up. So far no damage, but there is always the first time. I have these Hexie flowers made and not sure what to do with them. Thought about adding them to a piece of flax colored linen to make a random placed table cloth. Not sure if I want stems or leaves. Maybe just appliqued on and placed wherever they drop. It is suppose to be terribly hot out the next few days and I should do some dusting and scrubbing before she comes and wants to leave just from my messy house looking as it does.

During the Summer months I let my house go and I shouldn't, but the outside and all the flower beds need attention too. I had a neighbor walk by yesterday and she was complimenting me on the flowers and my yard. Well she didn't get close to see all the weeds under neath the flowers that you can't see from the road. I didn't invite her to come look closer either. LOL

Jeff is feeling better and maybe I can get him to do a project out in the garage and I can clean some today.
Next week I should have green beans to pick. First of the this year. I can't wait.They taste so good fresh out of the garden.

Well my Brain is percolating as to what to do with the hexies so I had better go and experiment with them. Later Chris


Katie M. said...

The table is beautiful! I think the hexies used as flowers randomly on a table topper/cloth is a great idea! Enjoy the visit with your sister.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Enjoy time with your sister. =D