Wednesday, July 20, 2011


That is an understatement. The heat today is suppose to be worse than yesterday. We had heat indexes at 116*F yesterday. They said Iowa and I feel for all of you in Iowa had the worst heat indexes yesterday they have ever had. One was 131*F. That is the actual heat temp and the humidity added to it. Just the opposite of Windchill factors. I need to pick beans and also pull weeds. I think it will wait until it gets cooler this weekend. I do need to mow also. All this humidity makes the grass grow.
My sister was here for three days last week and we did some things together. My Mom visited with her more than me. Then over the weekend I had the two grandkids all weekend. So I was tired from all the confusion. I guess I live to much of a routine. When it has changes it is more than I can handle. I need to get my day started and yet I don't think I will be able to settle down to a whole lot today.
With all this heat watch for your neighbors and children and also for the pets that are outside. Really the pets need to be brought inside out of the weather. Stay cool and keep drinking lots of water. Chris

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