Thursday, July 28, 2011

The room is better but not done

The process has started. We wanted to get done sooner, but after three trips to the hardware store and the neighbor coming with a lawnmower part that he needed help with we got the shelves on the wall. The batteries for the drills were dead also. They are up and the process has started.

Not sure I will ever be able to find anything. Taylor is a great help, but she has a tendency to move one pile to another. I let her go and when I get back in there I will sort one shelf at a time. She feels good helping.
We found a lot of things that got pitched. This room has been a dumping area of late and that is going to stop. We have more to go through this morning. In all that mess I have 4 sewing machines and she was floored to think I had that many.

My son said that when I pass away it is all going to the landfill anyway. Nice thought. I can always change my will right!

Well it is lightening and thundering really badly so I am getting off. Later Chris

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