Thursday, July 14, 2011

When will the fear quit??

My sister is here to visit for a couple days. She is a landscape designer and learned to use tools to make her drafting of landscapes easier. We have had this conversation about making feather designs for quilting. She remembered she had these French Curve tools that she thought I could use to make the types of designs I am looking to use on my quilts. They are sold at most office supply places and can be ordered online. As you draw with them you can slide them to make an exaggerated line and then you have a more flowing design when completed.

There are several sizes and yet I can't make them work. I must not have a mechanical brain to make them work. She is coming back to visit today again, she has been staying at my Mom's so maybe I can get her to demonstrate the usage before I purchase some of my own.

I admire the designs of so many quilters and how they get the shapes they use to quilt with. Many have the skills to do things free hand, but I fall flat in that category. My hand drawn feathers are irregular and miss shaped so badly they look like nothing. Maybe I will be a grid person the rest of my life. The fear of trying to make something look great and then having to tear it all out is paralysing to me. The fear of not knowing what I am doing is also not a good feeling. I usually can figure things out with trial and error, but this has stopped me in my tracks.

Maybe these tools would help others that have my fears. Maybe you are talented enough to figure out how to work them. As I get older my ability to learn new methods is so daunting it scares the wadding out of me. I know practice, practice, but it is frustrating, frustrating. Chris


Katie M. said...

Chris, I was struggling with feathers, too and then I came across this and ordered the DVD and book. These I can do and they don't look half bad! Lisa calls them 'spineless' feathers. And, when I was practicing feathers the 'traditional' way, I found that by doing a wreath helped because I was then making feathers in all directions. I still have a long way to go, but at least now I'm not ashamed to show them :-)

MariƩ said...

Hi Chris
Drawing feathers might not look good- try quilting them! my quilted feathers is much nicer than the ones I draw. (Well perhaps it is because I have been practising freehand quilting for more than 20 years but very seldom draw on paper?

Hettie said...

Chris, the easiest way for me to do feathers was to start thinking half hearts. Go up the spine ending in a teardrop shape, come down one side making only half a heart, the go back up the other side of the spine with the other half of the heart and these 2 halves do not need to match up perfectly. Take a look at Haven't been to my Google Reader in months and only now trying to catch up but gossiped about you in our guild blog. Did you read it?