Friday, March 16, 2012

Migraine day

I woke to a throbbing headache and realized real quick it was a migraine. Last night I cooked Brats on the grill and it tasted so good, but I have a migraine triggered everytime I eat them. It is a reaction to the nitrates in the preservatives in the meat. I know better, but certain times of the year certain foods taste so good on the grill. Now I pay the price.
My Mom said go lay down and get over it. Do you know how many times I wish I could have done that and I worked right throught the pain and got over it.
We went outside and worked some on the flower beds. They needed the blown in leaves cleaned up. We clean up our beds every fall and the neighbors don't so we get their debris in ours when the wind blows. Not fair.
Today is a nice 71*F and cool breeze. Yesterday was 82*F and windy. Sure not March weather in our "neck of the woods" as Al Rocker says. We mowed yesterday and got all the mulching of the yard waste done and the yard looks more even. Some areas have grown already and the even yard looks nice. I need to get some weed and feed and get it on the grass to get it a good start. Maybe tomorrow. The more I fertilize the more you have to mow. But I like a nice yard. Noon off to get a sandwich no brats. Chris

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