Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nothing New Here

Didn't feel real good for a couple days and then decided I had neglected my house so I started cleaning.
I have sewn a little and yet I feel like I haven't done anything. I really am feeling cabin fever this year. I like sun and it has been so gray out. But I can't or shouldn't complain with all the suffering others are experiencing with all the tornados. Way to early for all this to happen.
Blame it on a the Leap Year. Have to blame it on something. Worried about how the summer months will go now.
Makes you want to look at your insurance policies on your home and make sure you have enough coverage.
Windy today and the mood is fleeting me. I cleaned up the kitchen and a bathroom and maybe off to the sewing room for the rest of the day. Hope you have a great day. Chris

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Angie said...

I just found your blog by your comment at Exuberant Color's...thank you so much for the ammonia laundry tip. I will certainly put it to use. :) We were fortunate here in TN as far as those deadly storms but the weather is certainly scary strange again this Spring. Could you run over and clean this place up a bit?? LOL Then I promise we will sew sew sew! :)