Friday, March 23, 2012

Trying but not succeeding

Ok here is my attempt. Doesn't look to bad this far away, but the points in the center are a little off. I think my ruler slipped when I was cutting the wedges. It seems awkward to me to cut this way. I am right handed and I guess I need a moveable table to get the other direction cut accurate. Wanda talked about the wedges she was using and I am not that good to try the cone shapes so I will do this in a center of a block. I got this ruler probably 10 years ago and never used it.

I think is the same one she uses. I showed Wanda's blocks to my Granddaughter and she said do it scrappy to use up some of this stuff you have. Well to get the design you need to be somewhat planned out to make the right look.

See my center is off with this first test. I know what the trouble is and I have to correct it.

I did attempt using a foot for a different purpose. This came with my machine for a blind hem stitching foot.
I thought well sewing long seams I need a true 1/4 inch so I placed the edge of the white piece on a 1/4 inch and guided my long seams up against it and it work wonderfully. So I have a true 1/4 seam allowance.

I also have made a purchase recently and I tried them for several applications and I am quite pleased with their performance. The Magic Bobbin Washers. They work really well.

I even use them in my bobbin case to sew regular seams and not just for quilting.
They make the best stitch and yet the tension is perfect now that I am using it. I have a front drop in bobbin case and it works well for it. Worth the little bit of money for them. As I said I am trying a few new techniques to get me motivated. Chris


Exuberant Color said...

Yes that is the same ruler I have and you were lucky to get it with yellow lines. It comes with black lines now and harder to line up. I trim the ends of the seams diagonally before I add 2 pairs, and then trim that seam diagonally before making the center seam. then I fold the top piece back and line up the points for the center while I'm about 2" away from it and hold it in place and stitch across. Not every one of mine is perfect either but pretty close most of the time.

Hettie said...

Chris I noticed your ruler has a sharp point. After cutting the wedges try trimming from all 3 corners just a quarter inch off so that you won't have a pointy edge but flat edges instead. This not only makes the pieces more accurate (being on the bias one can easily stretch the side) but you'll find that your center fits so much better.