Sunday, March 25, 2012

Three year project coming up

Yes I tried the scrappy look. Yes I am nuts, but I think the look will be interesting when completed. I am sure I will get tired of it and let it rest for a period of time, but it is going to be a challenge to get enough scraps to make this block. So far I am not repeating a piece in the blocks. I stitched my pieces so when I cut the wedge all are on the straight of the grain with the lines on the ruler.

Here I am testing the look before I cut this one out. Also pressing opposing seams helps in the over all stitching of this block.

Here are the first two wedges sewn together. I did as Hettie and Wanda suggested and trimmed the points off and it did help with the over all positioning to stitch everything together.

This didn't turn out to bad. The seams meshed together with opposing seam allowances.

Here is two wedges sewn together and the sections seem to be ok up to this point.

Here I trimmed the pints off and it makes it lay much flatter when pressed.

The two half Octagons are now ready to sew together.

Here is the stitching line of the two sections. So far so good.

Doesn't look to bad. Maybe a little tweaking. For a scrappy look it will use up pieces that I need to get used up.

This is the same block but from another view. I tried to get enough light and dark in the wedges to make it interesting. For a scrappy quilt the eye needs to move all over and not get stuck in one spot. Not sure what I will use to connect the blocks. Maybe white and black.

I guess it works and yet I am using up things that are laying around. Not sure if much more will get sewn today we have to fix out van. The belt came off in driving yesterday and it is going to take some will power to get it done. Car problems are not fun to deal with. Chris

PS. The van is fixed and runs fine. My husband has bruises and scraped up arms trying to work in the engine compartment of the car, but it is all done.

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