Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Tip

Storage is always a problem. I have this thing about visual images help me to remember where I placed things. I use a lot of generic zipper bags for most of my storage of small pieces. This has applique pieces or templates and small extra pieces cut out for circles and shapes that are left over. I have it pinned to a bulletin board behind my machine.

Here are some small sewn HST I have saved for something in the future. If I get anymore I throw them in the bag. But you see it is right in front of me and easy to get to.

Here is a freebie. It is a clam shell from Strawberries. I take it with me at times with hexie pieces. I keep the hexie paper pieces in the clam shell and it is handy to throw in a small pair of scissors and a bobbin with basting thread and also my hand sewing thread and a thimble and needle.

So many times I am tempted to buy the latest project storage pieces out on the market and I think I can use that money for more fabric instead of a fancy storage piece. Look at things as they come into your house. See it washed and made ready for hand sewing or small pieces of applique or template pieces.
Saves the landfill and yet it is useful all at the same time. Chris

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