Sunday, March 11, 2012

Not a good day

Yes this is a big quilt and yes I made the mistake to think I should do it this way. Thought about the fact that I should take it apart and then I thought about the borders. So I decided I would struggle through it. Well besides the mistakes of and poor choices I ran into trouble.

The amount of the backing fabric I had bought was about 2.5 yards not enough. Yes dummy me.

I figured and re figured about 10 different ways to make the black print go as far as I could. Cross ways of the quilt up and down all to no avail. I thought well now what do I do. I talked to my Mom and asked if she had anything that would work to add to it. I had a black fabric, but not enough.
I dug stuff out of totes and found this piece of old gold fabric and it blended with the golds in the print. So I measured and figured again. Then my husband knew I had about 13 inches of the black print the full width of the fabric so he said piece the ends so the black would for a frame around the gold. More figuring, and more frustration. I was so burned out by then I still have one piece of the black to sew on and press and then the back will be pieced.

This is turning into a negative project and I so want to get it done.

Today the grandkids and my son and Mother are coming for late lunch. I cooked chicken breasts all night long in the crockpot and I will make homemade egg noodles and serve it for lunch.

Then last night I got on the computer and realized I spend way to much time sitting in front of this screen. I went through my favorites section and I thought half of these blogs and websites I don't look at on a weekly basis anymore. I have the really favorite ones all in my google reader so I started a major clean up of my computer again.

The next thing I need to do it delete or move my pictures to a jump drive. I started that a few days ago and got side tracked. I need to even delete and move files on a couple other jump drives I have. One for Family pictures and one for documents, and one for misc. things. I guess I think my kids will want to see them later on after I am gone. But remember I have said before my son says that everything goes to the landfill so who am I fooling. Isn't it funny the things we save and think others will want them.

This time change is going to screw with the body for several days, but it is suppose to be warmer. The allergy count is way up with the trees starting to open. I have Maple leaves starting to peak out. But I am not putting my snow shovel away for another month. That way it won't snow. If I put it away it will surely snow like the dickens. Off to make the egg noodles and get the kitchen cleaned up. Chris

ps. I didn't do the homemade noodles. I didn't have enough flour. I had the packaged noodles and not as good, but passable.

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