Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Maybe have a problem here. Obsession is a thing that makes me want to keep going. I did three loads of laundry in between doing this sewing yesterday. I did make a good supper last night and yet I got a lot of slicing and dicing done. The colors were a welcome change from the gray skies that were going on outside. My electric bill went sky high yesterday with the iron on from 5am until about 3pm.

Definitely a work in progress. I keep getting more scraps out and mixing them with a different batch. This way I have variety.

I was gifted a batch of leftover scraps from Wanda a while back and I am using them with civil war repros and more modern prints. I am sure she will recognize some of the prints when she looks at this block.

As they are laid out in the previous picture you see they have a square that is empty and is connection for all the blocks. I think this will be a 5inch block cut diagonally in two twice. So I will alternate the triangles of the octo with white and black, so it will give it sort of a Harlequin look to pull these busy blocks together.

Hope to sew some more today, but need to see if we need to mow again. The grass has grown so fast that every other day we need to address the mowing issue around here. We live on a River bank and the ground is really fertile and things grow so fast.

Today may well be another gray day and I think the sewing room will be lit up and bright in there. Hope you have a Great Day. Chris

Thanks again Wanda

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Exuberant Color said...

It is good to be obsessed now and then, with something you can't wait to work on. Makes you smile more see the bright side of the day. I'm glad to see my scraps play well with yours.