Monday, March 19, 2012

What designs to quilt?

That is always the question I have trouble with. The magazines and instructions we have all say "quilt as desired". I have a lot of desired, but what looks right for the quilt I am working on. I like both hand and machine quilting. Do I do something simple or more elaborate. What kind of batting am I going to use? This makes a big difference with the closeness of the stitching. Do I want the quilting to blend in or stand out? So many what iffffsss!

I think you have to have a fairly simple quilt block to make any quilting design stick out. Many solid or solid looking sections to showcase the quilting that makes a statement. So many of my blocks are scrappy and the busy designs are nice, but don't showcase the quilting. Many of my quilts are outlined stitched or stitch in the ditch.

Some of these pattern designs are a lot of marking and I always get to the point I wonder on an everyday quilt if all the stitching is worth the time and effort. When and if I make an heirloom quilt HAHAHA! I will use the fancy designs. I guess I am to practical. Maybe a heirloom quilt for the grandkids for wedding presents. At that point in my life if they get used and destroyed I have no control. I can say well I did it once.

Many times young people don't realize the time element involved in making a quilt and the care they give them isn't as gentle as it should be. I have seen baby quilts given and never used and then there are those that are in shreds by the time the child is 5 years old.
I guess when you make a quilt for a gift you have to separate yourself from the whole process and say I did it, but it isn't mine anymore. Whether it be over used, dogs, cats or careless washing that quilt isn't part of you any longer.

When thinking a quilt through sometimes I get to the quilting design and I freeze. I usually go back to the outline because it stabilizes it and yet the urge to do more is there. What is a girl to do?

In reading this book written by Barbara Chainey called "Quilt It" I try and get some inspiration. I can see most of her work as hand quilting which I love, but do I have the time? Not at this point No I don't. I am still in awe of those that do such a lovely job of machine and hand quilting, I guess I had better get back to my simple life and see if I have the time to do some fancy stitching. Chris

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